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Punk Rock Holiday 1.7

Day 1

On the first day, the Steamography crew took a tour of the Tolmin gorge. It is only ten minutes by car from Tolmin and thanks to the festival there is also reduced admission. A visit is really worth it, the tour takes almost two hours and is definitely recommendable. Afterwards we had excellent food in a small restaurant with country-typical kitchen. The warm-UP could thus start well.

As the first band of the evening we watched the CLOWNS, a really successful start, the guys have delivered an energetic show of the finest. With JAYA THE CAT followed one of my personal highlights of the festival, it was definitely one of the best gigs of the festival.
But also PIGS PARLAMENT in the aftermath have spread a lot of fun. And then it finally was the bands turn, who probably everyone in his youth was listening to: THE OFFSPRING. As expected, the set consisted primarily of songs by Smash and Ixnay on the hombre, but a few new songs were also in the set. Watching these guys perform, you simply notice that they are full-fledged. It even came to the question, whether they play back play, as the whole show was just perfect. A great graduation for a first festival day.

Day 2

On the second day, the beach stage was opened, but due to sightseeing, we just made it to the bands on the Main Stage. The GENERATORS started, which was a good start for the evening. The first highlight of the evening were THE REAL MCKENZIES. Punkrock with bagpipes fits together perfectly and is simply fun. After that IGNITE fully convinced and perfectly tuned to the main act of the evening.
At PENNYWISE, there was no more holding, one hit after another and, as usual, the compulsory song for each Pennywise concert: Bro Hymn. You can get goosebumps when a whole festival sings this song.

Day 3

This time no sightseeing, instead we went in the early afternoon down to the beach stage. The location is so nice, you do not really need to go anywhere else. This is exactly what is so special about the PRH. Instead of simply frying in the sun, you are sitting on a beautiful spot at the river, drinking a melonball, hovering over the porky river on a gum animal, and still having the live performance of punk bands from all over the world directly in front of your lazy ass.

On this day, NOT ON TOUR have set off the Beach Stage. What a great band! Definitely one of the best live bands ever. On the Main Stage ANTI-FLAG were not the main act, but definitely the best band of the evening.

Day 4

As the day before, the day began early in the afternoon on the beach. After all, this is holiday. Unfortunately, the weather did not play well that day. In the late afternoon it began to rain, which then developed very quickly to a short but very violent storm, which is why the concerts had to be interrupted briefly. For the camping visitors, especially those with tent, the storm probably had the most unpleasant consequences. The campground has looked (even more) like a battlefield, but without mud there wouldn’t be a real festival feeling. But in the evening it was forgotten. At the beginning THE PEARS provided, with a very energetic frontman, a great show.

Also TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET did not disappoint. The performance of MADBALL was customary, it’s always a pleasure to watch these guys live, even if you have seen them already a thousand times before. With LESS THAN JAKE, the fun music evening was also ushered in and you were perfectly adjusted to the musical madhouse in the form of TOY DOLLS. And they really delivered what you expect, a happy drunk childbirth party.

Day 5

Hardly to believe how fast such a five-day festival can end, but four days of the party also do not pass without traces. Nevertheless, the last forces were gathered and in the early afternoon we went to the Beach Stage to look at our export hit from Munich: STRAIGHTLINE. And they showed that they truly deserve this label. Especially their boom boom boom boom cover enjoyed a special resonance among the audience. DARKO have subsequently played a similar musical style and left a very good impression, too.

In the evening on the Main Stage, especially 88 FINGERS LOUIE convinced, of course, PROPAGHANDI was rightly a worthy and super final show for this brilliant festival.

(Autor: Gordon Shameway / Photos: John Steam)